Investment Types


This is the option that is most sought after by our customers on a worldwide level because of the array of options that we can offer them. We work on a national level and can provide you with real opportunities in the main cities of Spain or on the coast. We work with the biggest real estate agencies to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. As an investor, the only thing that you have to do is fill out a questionnaire with your preferences and we take care of finding your property and everything else.
Our philosophy is to ensure PROFESSIONALISM, SECURITY, AND TRUST with our clients. The fact that you are trusting us with your investment makes it our priority to meet your expectations.


We have experience in business matters and can offer your business opportunities in different areas. Lately, the most demanded areas are the wine and hotel industries.

We follow a strict protocol through which the investment is ALWAYS made directly by the client through a power of attorney granted to a member of our team who participates in all the transactions related with your investment. We put the assets under your name, pay all the taxes on your behalf, open international current accounts, manage property rentals, and contract any renovation works or improvements that you feel are necessary for your properties. We ALWAYS DO THIS WITH YOUR PRIOR AUTHORIZATION before any paperwork is undertaken and will send you all documents perfectly translated. Likewise, we have simultaneous interpreters on hand in order to answer any of your questions on the spot.


This is one of the options that gives you access to the Golden Visa, and we can advise you on matters ranging from stocks or shares in large, solvent Spanish companies to investment in public debt or financial products with Spanish banking institutions.

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