• We learn about your situation, goals, needs, and preferences.
  • We study if you feasibly meet the requirements to get the Visa or Permit you wish to obtain.
  • The process will be detailed to you in writing (its costs, description of steps, and timeframes), as will the different investment opportunities.
  • The strategy and type of investment that best fits your goals, aims, and preferences will be chosen.
  • We will offer you a specific investment.
  • A final price estimate of the investment will be drawn up.
  • Pre-selection of the financial investment (before or during your trip):
    • We will search for (on your behalf) financial products which are compatible with the Spanish Golden Visa and which best fit your needs.
    • Our organization works with Santander Bank, one of the greatest Spanish banks, though we also do not mind working with other financial institutions.
    • The bank, alongside our organization, will study the financial documents previously provided to us in order to avoid possible financial crimes or money laundering from abroad – full transaction security.
  • Pre-selection of the real estate investment.
    • True opportunities in terms of real estate will be offered to you.
    • We will work with you to analyze and study the investment that best fits your needs so that you understand its advantages, disadvantages, and the expenses and taxes involved.
    • We will help you to decide on the type of property or properties that best fit your needs, as well as their location.
    • We will pre-select for you the best offers from within our organization, as well as other offers that exist on the market, sending you information and photos of all of them.


  • We will obtain your Alien Identification Number (NIE).
  • We will register you fiscally as a non-resident.
  • We will allow you to use our law offices as your tax residence.
  • You will make your final decision on the investment that you are planning to undertake.
  • You will personally visit the properties or financial institutions selected to decide on the specific investment to make.
  • A current account will be opened in your name.
  • You will make (or give instructions to make) the chosen investment.
  • You will sign a power of attorney in favor of our law offices so that we may:
    • Act on your behalf when filing paperwork with the immigration authorities and tax authorities, as well as for paperwork filed before other bodies.
    • If you wish, this power of attorney will also allow us to be able to pay the corresponding taxes on your behalf, as well as to appear before a notary and buy the chosen property under your name and on your behalf, at the price that you have agreed.


  • We will present, on your behalf, any applicable tax returns.
  • We will file the pertinent declarations of foreign investment.
  • The opportune checks will be undertaken to guarantee that the estate investment is properly handled and carried out.
  • If you so wish, we will make the investment on your behalf, or we can accompany you and guide you through the process.
  • The property will be registered with the Spanish Property Register.
  • Any documents that depend on Spain and are necessary to obtain the corresponding visa will be secured.
  • Your application for the visa will be coordinated and monitored by our offices.


  • Processing of the residency permit.
  • The investor will continue to be represented by our offices before the tax authorities through the presentation of the applicable, periodical tax declarations (Income Tax for Non-Residents, VAT, Property Tax, etc.).
  • The estate investment will be managed, tenants will be searched for, rent will be collected, as well as the management of property owners’ fees, expenses and repairs, etc. Your investment will become income from a financial asset (net of taxes).


This includes any business activities that create jobs, are of an innovative nature for Spain, and/or involve an investment in Spain.

Especially of importance is the project’s business plan: the professional profile of the requester, the business activity to be undertaken, the number of jobs that will be created, the characteristics and qualifications required for each one of those jobs, where the project will be carried out (geographical area), and how much the investment is.


Any company that needs to hire foreign professionals can request a residency permit that will have the same term of validity as that established in the employment contract or similar document proving the professional relationship between the parties.

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